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Constitution and Bylaws

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Constitution and Bylaws
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Founded as the International Association of Medical Museums in 1906



The Society shall be called the South African Division of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP SA Division). (Herein after referred to as the Division).


The aim of the Division shall be to promote the advancement of pathology by co-ordination with allied sciences; by facilitating educational activities; by encouraging research; and by improving teaching and technical methods, through scientific meetings in South Africa and beyond our borders. Furthermore, the Division may do such acts or deeds, as may be necessary for the attainment of the above objectives of the Division.


  1. Membership shall be international in scope and subject to the constitution of the International Academy of Pathology Inc. where the following categories are stated:
    1. Ordinary (Regular) members
    2. Senior (Emeritus) members
    3. Honorary members
    4. Junior members
    5. Associate members
    6. Sustaining members

    The classes of membership are defined in bylaws (that may be changed by a simple majority at a constituted general business meeting of the members) but should be in keeping with the constitution and bylaws of the International Academy of Pathology Inc.

  2. The Executive of Council, following upon application and nomination in writing by two ordinary members, admits members. A member of the Division may at any time, by notice in writing to the Secretary, resign from membership of the Division. The Secretary shall maintain a register of such of the particulars of each member of the Division, while such member continues to be a member of the Division. Details of the members shall not be divulged to any third party except to the International Academy of Pathology Inc. or with the explicit consent of the member.

Officers, Councillors, and Executive Committee

The Officers shall be:

President, Immediate Past-President / President-elect, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Council will consist of the Officers with a maximum of ten additional members (Councillors) representing geographic regions and/or spheres of activity pertaining to the Division. The president, treasurer and secretary are elected for a four-year period of tenure. These officers will constitute the Executive Committee which reports to the Council.

Associations and Meetings

  1. The South African Division of the IAP may affiliate to, integrate into or associate itself with other Organisations, such as The Federation of South African Societies of Pathology and the South African Society of Clinical Cytology, that have similar aims and objectives in advancing laboratory medicine and by holding joint meetings.
  2. There shall be at least one annual general meeting of the council (if practicable) and one annual general business meeting of the membership (if practicable) to transact business, receive reports and make appointments.

Transaction of Business

  1. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be three of which at least one must be either the president or the secretary. A minimum of 3 days notice must be given for calling a meeting.
  2. A quorum of the Council shall be five of which at least two shall be officers of the Executive Council. A minimum of 15 days notice must be given for calling a meeting.
  3. A quorum for annual general (business) meetings shall be 12 members three of which must be Council members including at least two officers. A minimum of 30 days notice must be given for calling an annual general (business) meeting. Should no quorum be present at the scheduled start of the meeting there should be an adjournment for a maximum of 30 minutes to recruit members. If after such a period no quorum is present, the presiding officer may proceed with the meeting as though it is legally constituted but changes to the constitution or bylaws of the Division may not be effected.
  4. The Executive Committee may appoint subcommittees as deemed necessary.
  5. Voting rights will reside with ordinary members only.


Upon the dissolution of the South African Division of The International Academy of Pathology any assets remaining after paying all liabilities will be disposed of to cognate South African charities or scientific organisations having similar objectives in fostering laboratory medicine as determined by the Council of the Division.

Note that this constitution may only be changed by a two thirds majority of members attending a properly constituted annual general (business) meeting where at least 30 days notice of the intended changes is indicated for prior debate and acceptance